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Welcome to Stay Safe Enterprises Pty Ltd, a company that is deeply dedicated to elevating safety and emergency management across diverse global landscapes. Stay Safe Enterprises is a testament to a lifelong commitment to learning and applying these learnings in various settings, from high-risk environments in third-world countries to sophisticated frameworks in Australia.

Pioneering Emergency Management in Third-World Countries

Our journey in safety and emergency management began in some of the most challenging settings imaginable - third-world countries facing a myriad of high-risk situations. Working in these environments, often characterised by limited resources and complex socio-political dynamics, has equipped our team with an unparalleled ability to innovate and adapt under pressure.

In these roles, we have navigated through natural disasters, political unrest, and humanitarian crises, developing strategies that were not only effective but also sensitive to the local contexts. This has been instrumental in shaping our understanding of emergency management as a multifaceted discipline that extends beyond conventional frameworks.

Bringing Global Insights to Australian Shores

Our experience in third-world countries has been a cornerstone in my approach to emergency management in Australia. Bringing these global insights home, we have been able to apply unique perspectives and strategies in local and state government roles. This includes incorporating lessons learned in resource-scarce environments to enhance efficiency and adaptability in Australian emergency response systems.

Our deep dive into Work Health and Safety (WHS) legislation in Australia has been informed by these international experiences. Understanding the nuances of emergency management in different global contexts has been invaluable in ensuring that Australian businesses not only meet but exceed their WHS and environmental safety obligations.

Founding Stay Safe Enterprises Pty Ltd

Founding Stay Safe Enterprises Pty Ltd was a culmination of global experiences and a passion for integrating robust emergency management with strict adherence to WHS compliance. Our mission is to bring world-class safety solutions, enriched by a global perspective, to organizations and communities.

Our services are a blend of innovative technology and practical strategies, backed by my diverse field experience. Our team, comprising experts with varied backgrounds, shares a commitment to a holistic and globally informed approach to safety and emergency management.

Our Philosophy and Global Vision

We believe that the best emergency management practices are those that are informed by a wide range of experiences, especially those in challenging and high-risk environments. Our philosophy is rooted in the principle that learning from global experiences enhances our ability to create safer, more resilient, and compliant communities and businesses.

Let's Connect

We invite you to connect with us and explore how we can leverage global emergency management insights for local and national benefit. Whether for collaborations, consultations, or discussions, I am open to sharing my experiences and learning from others in the pursuit of a safer world.

It has been our objective to bring together the brightest and most qualified group of professionals from many specialised safety practices ranging from both the government and private sector, to offshore and international operations. This concept gives our clients a broad resource to choose from when searching for solutions to their health, safety, and emergency management concerns. Stay Safe Occupational Health and Safety Consultants is a unique blend of highly experienced occupational safety and health consultants.


We are supported by a strong complement of safety, industrial hygiene, risk management, and environmental specialists through a network of consultants throughout Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and interstate regions. This firm was formed to fill a critical need among businesses to seek and utilise the expertise and resources made available through Occupational Health and Safety Consultants.

Our vision


To be a recognised leader promoting health, safety and emergency management in workplaces across Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and beyond. StaySafe ensures the development of an occupational health and safety risk prevention culture, to ensure consistency within your businesses safety management system.

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