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Compliance and Safety Consulting Services in Brisbane

A representation of safety consulting services in Brisbane

Ensure your workplace is a beacon of safety and compliance with Stay Safe Enterprises Pty Ltd. Our expert consultants are dedicated to transforming your business environment into a safe haven, meticulously aligning with Queensland's stringent safety regulations.


Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, our tailored solutions and flexible contracts—ranging from immediate, short-term support to comprehensive, long-term engagements—guarantee that your safety needs are met with precision and professionalism.

Don’t leave your employees’ well-being to chance. Partner with Stay Safe Enterprises Pty Ltd and experience unparalleled safety consulting services that mitigate risks, prevent accidents, and promote a culture of safety within your organisation.

Safety Consulting Services

WHS Consultant for Hire

Stay Safe Enterprises Pty Ltd - Safety Consulting Services in Brisbane & Queensland

Your Trusted Safety Consultant in Brisbane & Queensland

Welcome to Stay Safe Enterprises Pty Ltd, your premier choice for professional health, safety, and emergency management consultancy services in Brisbane and the surrounding Queensland area. We specialise in providing comprehensive safety solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of your business, ensuring compliance with local regulations and enhancing workplace safety.

Comprehensive Safety Consulting Services

  • Workplace Safety Audits

  • Risk Assessments

  • Safety Training and Workshops

  • Development of Safety Programs and Policies

  • Incident Investigation and Reporting

  • Compliance with Queensland Safety Regulations

  • Ongoing Safety Support and Maintenance

Flexible Contracting Options for Safety Consulting

At Stay Safe Enterprises Pty Ltd, we offer flexible contracting options to suit your business needs. Our services are available for both short-term projects and long-term engagements. Whether you are a government entity or a private sector business, we provide tailored solutions that ensure your workplace safety and compliance are top-notch.

Short-term Contracts:

  • Ideal for specific projects or temporary needs

  • Immediate support for urgent safety assessments or training

  • Customized short-term safety audits and compliance checks

Long-term Contracts:

  • Ongoing safety support and maintenance

  • Continuous improvement of safety programs and policies

  • Regular risk assessments and safety training sessions

  • Long-term compliance management and incident reporting

Why Choose Stay Safe Enterprises Pty Ltd for Safety Consulting?

At Stay Safe Enterprises Pty Ltd, we bring years of experience and a deep understanding of safety regulations and best practices. Our consultants are dedicated to helping your business minimize risks and create a safe working environment. Whether you need short-term assistance or long-term support on a retainer basis, we are here to provide reliable and professional safety consulting services.

Industries We Serve

We have extensive experience working with a variety of industries in Brisbane and Queensland, including:

  • Construction

  • Manufacturing

  • Healthcare

  • Education

  • Hospitality

  • Retail

  • Government agencies

Contact Us for Expert Safety Consulting

Ready to enhance your workplace safety? Contact Stay Safe Enterprises Pty Ltd today to discuss your safety consulting needs. We offer flexible contracts to suit your business requirements, ensuring you get the support you need when you need it.

Phone: 0447-229-182


Address: [Your Office Address, Brisbane, QLD]

Useful WHS Resources:

Queensland Government WHS Portal:

  • WorkSafe Queensland

  • Work Health and Safety Laws

Queensland Legislation:

  • Work Health and Safety Act 2011

  • Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011

Queensland Government Resources:

  • Workplace Health and Safety Training

  • Safe Work Method Statements

Safe Work Australia:

  • Safe Work Australia – Queensland

Industry-Specific WHS Resources:

  • Queensland Building and Construction Commission – WHS

  • Queensland Agriculture WHS

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